For Her Glory

For Her Glory found its beginnings in Judy Piotrowski’s courageous battle with breast cancer. Through her nine year battle, she often wondered why God had allowed her to survive with the disease for so long. She wondered, “What is my purpose?”

Her answer came while visiting “The Shoppe” at Longstreet Clinic. Judy, together with her husband Scott and their close friend Jackie Cooley, overheard the store manager trying to convince an insurance company to purchase a wig for a young lady with cancer.

In her early 20s, the patient was a single mom with two small children. As a result of her chemotherapy, she had been going to work totally bald, wearing a baseball cap to cover an appearance that embarrassed her.

Discovering that many insurance companies do not provide wigs as a benefit, and that the young mom had no other way to purchase one, Judy and friends raised donations to purchase the wig for her.

After receiving the wig, the young mom sent a thank you note that inspired Judy. Drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 11:15, where a woman’s hair is described as her glory, and help from the North Georgia Community Foundation, “For Her Glory” was formed to help patients maintain their dignity by providing wigs for those who could not afford them otherwise.

Established four days prior to her passing, Judy was able to realize her purpose by helping others face the challenge of cancer with dignity.