Here are samples of some of the moving testimonies of people whose lives have been impacted by the generosity of Glory, Hope & Life. These stories are meant as a way to spread hope, share encouragement and help others find the strength to press on.

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Words cannot express my gratitude for the trip to Hawaii, given to my husband and I. We were so blessed to be able to go there and relax and enjoy each other, as well as all of the wonderful food, the beautiful surroundings, and amazing accommodations. This truly was a "dream come true" trip! I, as well as my family, have been through a lot in the past year and a half, and to be able to "celebrate life" in Hawaii was wonderful. I wish that I could thank you in person, but respect your wishes to remain anonymous. Please know that you have given us a beautiful memory and an unforgettable gift. I plan on being around many more years, and hope to go back to Hawaii again one day - it truly was "PARADISE"!!

Gene and I can never thank you enough for sending us on the Alaskan Cruise. Because of your generosity we had the opportunity to witness what is possibly one of God's greatest nature creations and at the same time receive quality time with each other and some much needed rest for me. Once again it was proven to me that God knows our needs and provides for them in ways we would never dream.

We are so blessed to have a medical staff that not only provides top level medical care but who also appear to live their life by spiritual principal as well as a strong network of family and friends. Gene's prognosis at this time is very good.

The full impact of the good your gift has done for us cannot fully be described in words. Please know that our THANK YOU is sincere and heart felt.